Guest Post: D.T. Osborn “Losing Beauty in the 21st Century” Part IV: Vulgarity and Crudeness: the Demise of True Beauty

Guest Post: D.T. Osborn “Losing Beauty in the 21st Century” Part IV: Vulgarity and Crudeness: the Demise of True Beauty

D. T. Osborn -- of -- makes his final case that true beauty has died in America… and he begins to explain what can be done about it in God’s greatest nation.  

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Vulgarity and Crudeness: The Demise of True Beauty

The demise true beauty of Christ and the eternal spirit can be tied to a relatively recent phenomena -- specifically the societal acceptance of rampant vulgarity and pervasive crudeness in American and world cultures.

Take for example the “Piss Christ” photograph.  This photo depicts Christ nailed to the cross while submerged in urine --and shockingly enough this boring replication of human shabbiness was displayed in a prominent New York City art gallery in the late 1980s!  

In previous, more traditional eras, Christians used to -- and were encouraged to -- protest and object to these vile displays of radical nastiness.

Instead big media flipped the narrative -- and criticism was issued -- and continues to be issued -- against devout Christians who can find nothing to like about repulsive attempts at serious art.

Further many in the secular community continue to push this inverted sense of beauty.  By publicly attacking the Nativity and the Resurrection -- two seminal events in Christianity that are usually tastefully recreated in pleasant works of beautiful art -- as 'offensive' and 'unconstitutional.

In other words these people find depictions of both events to be ugly and unattractive -- except they lack the courage to come out and admit it.

Which brings us to the major point of this essay -- what Christians know to be disgusting and vile, the secular world tolerates -- even celebrates! -- as an expression of artistic freedom.  

And this is a fundamental issue -- when man declares himself, freer than God in his ability to care for and create the living world -- all sense of discipline and responsibility goes out the window.  Ultimately art only becomes a decadent expression of rebellious sloppiness signifying nothing.  

But what can Christians to prevent this loss of transcendent beauty in American culture?  Well… that’ll have to wait until next time…

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