Capitalism as a Democracy of Consumers

Here's a piece I've more or less written in secret -- nobody would have accepted it.  So here it is.  Unfortunately I've lost the citations.  If you find them, you can put them in. OK?  Thanks.

Capitalism as a Democracy of Consumers
Year after year capitalism as a democracy of consumers produces more choices for more people with more power and more money than any other time in world history.  So abundant is this spirit of generous and democratic enterprise in America that even the poorest citizens are part of the top 13% of world wide wage earners.  

In other words capitalism, as a democracy of consumers, is more democratic than direct political democracy in
  • its ability to financially motivate and secure a country’s political stability
  • in its world historical levels of production in terms of goods, choices, and opportunity
  • the extent to which people can exercise power and control over the world they inhabit.

Let us consider each of these points in greater detail.  But first let us make note of the two Greek root words -- “demos” and “kratos” -- that together form the Americanized word “democracy”.  As we will see the popular meaning of the word -- something like rule of the people -- is much different than what the word’s etymological history and plain reason suggest.

 Beginning with the Greek root word “demos” we note that the term refers to people who have been legally registered as a member of a particular district.  This was so because even in ancient democracies you had to have earned citizen status to participate in voting.  
Now on to the Greek root kratos.  Kratos refers to strength, courage, or power.  So when you combine demos and kratos you end up with combinations like this:
citizen strength, citizen courage, and citizen power.  

However only one combination -- citizen power -- makes any sense.  For instance consider the awkward sounding alternatives.  The combination citizen strength gives us the idea of an organized group of muscular natives.  Citizen courage implies exercising your regular civil duty is an act of courage -- however the term courage is best reserved for extraordinary acts outside the bounds of one’s normal duty.  Hence by process of elimination we’re left the only reasonable term -- citizen power.
The importance of this conclusion cannot be overstated --  if democracy means citizen power, the only way to maintain that citizen power is to minimize the level of government interference in the lives of the people within a booming economy.  This point will be confirmed as  unequivocally and indisputably correct in the following analysis.

First capitalism as a democracy of consumers incentivizes the long term political security that has always been found lacking -- or that has never appeared -- in any direct political democracy that has ever existed.  And by direct political democracy -- which is what liberals often loosely refer to in the single and imprecise word “democracy” -- it is defined by no less an authority than Alexander Hamilton as this: each person getting the power to administer government within the boundaries of small territory.  

The reason a direct political democracy must be necessarily small -- one democrats dishonesty overlook or intentionally ignore --  is because of its administrative incapacity in dealing with general political business.  For it would be absurd to think participants in direct political democracy would ever have enough time or willpower to vote upon the 5,000 bills that come across a Congressman’s desk.  Even with the internet giving people the potential to cast votes online, the process of doing so would be more of a national distraction to the typical citizen than social media or on the job web browsing.

But the primary reason capitalism is more politically stable -- and hence less susceptible to the violence found in petty democracies and tyrant states -- is because political stability is a necessary condition for making money.  In fact to the surprise of nobody but socialist utopians, it’s much easier to conduct business without bombs detonating your backyard.  

Further a long term and stable direct political democracy has never existed -- it has always become murderously susceptible to the constant threat of dangerous tyranny.  Tyranny as we can obviously see as nothing to do with citizen power -- the tyrant is like a cancerous growth harming the citizens opportunities for liberty because the tyrant concentrates the power

In the short term capitalism as a democracy of consumers produces more jobs, more goods, and more security, and more learning opportunities for more diverse populations both domestically and abroad.   One measure confirming this fact is the average GDP per person -- in 1750 AD the average GDP per person was hovering under $2000.  Today that figure stands at $5000.  Likewise nobody today has to labor... but that's a point for another time.


Here then is the point: the Democratic party cannot, and does not, stand for anything even remotely related to democracy or citizenship.  What it does stand for is socialism on national -- not state, federal, or local -- level.  This is not surprising.  

And this is relevant to today’s big d Democratic party.  The suggestion is that the party cannot be that democratic -- which again requires legal registration -- if its members support stashing undocumented foreigners in liberal cities to avoid registering for and earning citizen status.