On Marriage III: My Personal Observations Regarding Marriage Matters

On Marriage III : My Personal Observations Regarding Marriage Matters ( See On Marriage II and On Marriage I )

Seeing is Bliss, Forgiveness, and Yours for Free

Every marriage I’ve witnessed has involved the most incredible series of phenomena my eyes have ever given witness to.

And I’m not exaggerating in any sense, in any way, or any form, or any shape.

Because when I’ve seen people get I felt their marriage resonate -- it was as if my soul was bound to the couple being married, even though I of course was not being the person married, and it was not my spouse being wed to me.

Those moments -- those lovely marriage moments -- were indeed a window -- or better yet a snapshot -- into the desire for growth between two lovers committed to multiplying their:

  1. Wealth
  2. Health
  3. Life Joy

Which I’ve already explained in On Marriage I and II.

But that’s not essential here.

Instead what is important is this: commitment.  And when I had the chance to be apart of wedding ceremonies I can see -- I mean I’ve literally seen -- a “snapshot” of the windows of brides’ and grooms’ souls -- right in their eyes -- meet and agree to lock-up, to eternally conjoin in a plentiful and deep spiritual harmony.

So those are experiences I cannot unsee -- but I don’t need to unsee them now.  Why?  Because I now “feel “them.  And every bit of love I see brings me right back -- right back to where it always, and always will begin.

Back to family.

Every sign of affection, each tease, and the romantic play takes me back to the marriages I’ve seen at the family weddings I’ve been to -- where good times were always had without ever becoming bad times, intoxicated disasters, or negligent irresponsibility.

And again -- that’s a sight, a feeling, a sort of experience produced at weddings.

Now there’s more to be said about this -- possibly in On Marriage IV -- however, that time is not tonight.  For our eyes, hearts, and brains have commitments too ya know… to good quality rest.

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