As a Tutor

As a Tutor

Here Zigmund speaks as a tutor -- specfially the importance of being a tutor and the hardships involved.  Thanks to Dr. Robert A. Jacques for the editing of this piece.

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Editing is always difficult friends.

Invariably,  the clearest, most substantial  demonstration of profound thought is demonstrated through excellent writing.  The lucid presentation of one's thoughts allows others to easily grasp  the conceptual significance of the thoughts presented, challenge, accept, or supplement the thoughts presented, and to more easily apply these thoughts to everyday life.  In addition to having the characteristic of being clearly understood, excellent writing is also characterized  by strong conceptual reasoning.

Unfortunately, during my undergraduate and professional career I have frequently encountered writing that is difficult to understand, and I've been able to witness how poor writing negatively affects academic, business, social, affairs.

Now as an undergraduate I was often called upon to help my peers revise their papers, and more often than not it was the day before the paper was due.  What irritated me wasn't that they were asking me to assist them on short notice, but it was that they didn't seem to understand that writing is a process, and that it takes multiple drafts to produce a great paper.

      Therefore, I think the most important thing that I can hope to learn as a tutor is effective strategies and techniques for conveying to a diverse group of people the importance of writing well.  If I am able to successfully convey to  undergraduates that writing is a rewarding, enjoyable activity, then it will be more likely that the students I am working with will strive to improve long term, which should help to alleviate many of the cultural problems in America produced through inadequate communication.

One skill that I have developed throughout my undergraduate and professional career is communicating and interacting with diverse groups of people, and I hope to supplement this skill with the strategies and techniques necessary to demonstrate the importance of writing well.  As an undergraduate I worked with members of my fraternity to raise over $1,000 for the Alzheimer's Association.  In addition I've worked as telecommunications sales representative in which I was required to communicate with over 100 people daily to find the best phone, internet, and cable packages for the customers I spoke with based on their needs.

And this is what I've done to help the world,
Zigmund E. Reichenbach

Zigmund Reichenbach -- the primary writer for this blog -- is just a concerned citizen eager to make a contribution to the world.  You can help support him -- or his excellent undergraduate professor-- here and here. Thanks friends!


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