Welcome: My Comments on All My Small Thoughts Blog

This use of this blog will be exclusively governed by my writing -- specifically whatever I find striking and what I'm working on.

But this blog is more than that to me.  It's an opportunity to experiment with ideas -- ideas that may or not be better served in a better publication with a better reputation.

And that's not to slight myself.  On the contrary it's an acknowledgement -- perhaps in some cases a confession -- that it takes time to polish compelling thoughts, compelling stories, and an overall compelling attitude towards life that also affirms life's best.

So I'm basically I'm counting on you, the reader, to basically take this blog in half hearted kind of way.


Because what's going into this blog -- which I get the joke about not sending one's best , -- is not -- in my opinion -- my best work.  But that doesn't mean I'm trying to take a dump on the language or ignore the finer aspects of writing.  It's just that I don't have time to do so much editing.  There are points that it'd like to make, and those points seem to lose their meaning and relevance if I don't express them immediately.

Which leads me to my next point:

This isn't a blog for hot takes.  In fact if you ever spend time with your own writing you'll learn that writing forces you to overlook your worst, cruelest, and most stupid observations.

And you'll be so much better for it.  And you'll end up with something like a "normal' or "cool" take.  That's a positive improvement.

So please, by all means leave comments here.  But try to be respectful to the language and other people using it.