TOTALLY UNWARRANTED: The War Against Illegal Drug Users

TOTALLY UNWARRANTED: The War Against Illegal Drug Users What Zig wants to state here is that the whole “war on drugs” is non-sense -- it is literally an incoherent concept in any which way you want to slice it. (It should be noted here that Zigmund does not own the image above -- it is the work of Robert Crumb. Should he object to my use of it I'd willingly take it down)

The war against illegal drug users is as shocking as it is unwarranted.

And let it be clear: this is a war against illegal drug users.

Not a war on drugs.

A “war on drugs” would be a prolonged series battles literally taking taking place upon a surface of mind altering substances.  Yet police officers are not actually shooting criminals who are storming them in fields of marijuana.

Nor is law enforcement waging a war against drugs themselves.  Shooting inanimate objects is called target practice and target practice is not war.  

Lastly this war is not a war against all drug users.  Cops are not arresting adults for sipp…

A Quick Note On Love and Passion -- Re: Plato

A Quick Note On Love and Passion -- Re: Plato
Love and passion are the daring sciences of the heart: accordingly they are not fit for the scared and obedient.

Here Zig breaks down a Plato's false conception about the nature of love -- for Plato was an unmarried bachelor, and based on his writings, would have benefited from securing the affection and attention of a great woman.
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In The Symposium Plato invents two popularly held misconceptions -- both still in circulation -- about the nature of love.  First he says love is the process of becoming whole.  We’re told that during creation we were originally a twofold person -- now we’re just one separated from our other complimentary half.  Secondly he then equates love to a progression toward uncaring abstraction.

What’s troubling about both ideas is the behavior they encourage.  In the first instance Plato supposes we love by recognizing our naturally bisected deformity -- and hence our lovers are reduced to em…

Longform: Nietzsche's Philosophy of Science: The Anti-Dogmatist

The Anti-Dogmtist Here Zig does a few different things: one goal is to "flex" his chops as a versatile academic.  Zig's second goal is the following: to use this paper to point out that science isn't all that it's cracked up to be: that at bottom it too is more or less a religious faith.  And Nietzsche would agree.  So take that for what it's worth.
Nietzsche’s critique of science is associated with a number of interrelated themes discussed at length  throughout his entire philosophical career including language, truth, perspectivism, faith, religion, and master and slave morality. A substantial number of scholars have used most of these concepts as entry points for their interpretation of Nietzsche’s views on science.    In this paper I argue that for Nietzsche, the formation of scientific theory begins with the advent of language, which also gives way to the master and slave types, and from which Nietzsche returns to critique the scientific enterprise.    More…